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PAGA claims are alive and well in California

But a well-drafted arbitration agreement can still prevent class action litigation

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Last year, in Epic Systems v. Lewis, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that an employee can be required, as a condition of employment, to enter into a predispute arbitration agreement waiving the right to file or participate in a class action. In the wake of the Epic decision, many have questioned whether employers can now require employees to waive their right to bring a representative action under the Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”). This week, the California Court of Appeal answered “no.”

EVENT on March 1, 2019

Strikes for Success

Presented by Scali Rasmussen's Women's Initiative

Come have fun for a good cause! Join us for food, drinks, music, a silent auction and bowling!

Cellphone reimbursements

Refresher on employee reimbursement of necessary expenses

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Do you require your employees to use their cellphone to check in and out? Do you require them to use their phones for work? If so, you might have to reimburse them.

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Do you need a love contract? While Cupid’s arrow can strike at any time of the year, Valentine’s Day is a good time for employers to review certain workplace policies to ensure that office romance doesn’t give way to sour feelings and bitter recriminations.

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Los Angeles Business Journal said it created the list to highlight "particularly stellar minority attorneys in the L.A. region who happen to be from a broad cultural spectrum." The list includes only those considered particularly impactful on the legal scene, "while serving as trusted advisors in the LA region, along with maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards, and for contributions to the Los Angeles business and legal community at large."

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Starting January 1, 2019, vehicles sold at retail that do not already display permanent license plates must display a temporary license plate. In addition, dealers will no longer use a pre-printed Report of Sale form and display it in retailed vehicles. Instead, they must complete an electronic Report of Sale and display the temporary identification section of the ROS form created through that system in the sold vehicle.