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Getting to Go, is a quarterly newsletter focused on the dealership mergers and acquisitions business. We aim to bring dealers, investors, vendors, consultants and others working in the buy sell business insights and information. The automotive retail business is very complex and preparing to buy or sell a dealership then completing the actual transaction requires a great deal of specialized knowledge. We hope Getting to Go can give readers a useful resource for that knowledge.

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Buyers of ultra-luxury cars have high expectations, not just of the car and the customer experience, but also the dealership. From the interior materials used to including storage space for clients’ cars, ultra-luxury dealership facilities must create the right environment for their wealthy clientele.

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Customer experience is important to all dealerships, but with ultra-luxury brands that takes on a unique dimension. Ultra-luxury brands rely on exceptional events that create and maintain a sense of community among clients and bond them to the dealership. Such bonds are crucial to a dealership’s success.

What’s the LVMH brand worth?

Mull that over when valuing ultra-luxury dealerships

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Ultra-luxury franchises don’t come on the market often, and valuing one involves special considerations that often don’t apply to other auto franchises, say Willie Beck and Todd Berko, managing partners at Bel Air Partners. That’s because ultra-luxury automotive brands are in a league of their own.

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As auto manufacturers announce plans to add ever more electric vehicles to their product portfolios, many also are requiring their dealer bodies to make substantial investments to prepare to sell those vehicles. In some instances, the manufacturer also is attempting to assume some aspects of the sales process previously controlled by the dealer.

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Ford dealers are worried that some aspects of the Model e program are a slippery slope leading to the agency model of selling vehicles. In an agency model approach, the manufacturer sets the price and manages the online customer relationship. The dealer serves as the delivery point for the vehicle.

Bridging the divide

Plans for manufacturers to satisfy car enthusiasts and dealers in an electric world

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As countries around the world move forward with plans to phase out the internal combustion engine, luxury and high-performance brands are coming to grips with perhaps the most significant change in automotive history: conversion to electric vehicles (“EVs”). The change brings feelings of frustration and grief, but also anticipation and excitement to manufacturers, dealers, and customers alike.

Tales from the trenches

Family dynamics derail succession intentions

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A detailed succession plan, decided upon long before it is executed, is not only necessary in a family-owned business, it can also prevent a family-destroying fallout. Scali Rasmussen’s partners share tales from the trenches that prove that point.

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Succession planning is about much more than who takes over when a dealer owner dies. It is also about creating the conditions for the next owner or owners’ success. Hugh Robert, a partner and succession advisor at family business succession planning experts The Rawls Group, spoke with Getting to Go! about how The Rawls Group assists families in crafting a succession plan which benefits diverse needs. Below is an edited version of that conversation.