Privacy & Cybersecurity

The laws concerning privacy and data security continually evolve to keep up with new innovations in commerce. Likewise, as new technologies take hold, it has become easier than ever for departing employees, competitors and hackers to gain access to your valuable trade secrets. Our attorneys counsel corporate clients on compliance with privacy laws and protecting data and trade secrets.

Privacy and Data Security: 

We advise clients on all aspects of privacy and data security law. We counsel businesses on how to avoid and respond to investigations by federal and state government agencies for alleged privacy and data security breaches. We litigate privacy cases and develop data security protection plans, including with reference to FTC, COPPA and GLB privacy issues.

Trade Secrets:

Often, the most valuable asset a company has is the secrecy of its product development, customer lists, release dates, expense structure, compensation structure, business plans and financial strategies. We develop trade secret protection plans and counsel businesses on identifying, valuing and protecting their trade secrets. We counsel clients in developing effective policies and procedures for handling the departure of key employees and on-boarding key employees from a competitor. Additionally, we counsel clients on strategies and options in the event a trade secret theft is suspected or discovered and aggressive litigate trade secret misappropriation cases. Our attorneys have successfully obtained temporary restraining orders and injunctions against former employees and new competitors for theft of trade secrets and other confidential information. We have also successfully deflected attempts by competitors to obtain temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions against our clients.

Our attorneys are frequent speakers and publishers of articles on the law of trade secrets and trade secret protection plans.