California takes another step towards protecting consumer privacy

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A new bill, Senate Bill (“SB”) 346, is before the Governor of California to further protect Californians’ privacy. California already passed laws to protect consumer data collected by businesses through the California Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA”). Now, SB 346 aims to protect consumers from collecting and sharing data from in-vehicle cameras. The new bill would require manufacturers of cars with in-vehicle cameras to make certain disclosures, prohibits the sale/lease of new cars without a specified, and prominently placed, disclosure. It also prohibits any images or video recordings collected through the operation of an in-vehicle camera from being used for any advertising purpose or being sold to third parties and significantly limits the sharing of such recording with third parties. SB 346 allows sharing information with third parties only if consumers provide “affirmative prior consent”, which can be revoked at any time.

SB 346 has been passed by both houses and presented to the Governor for signature. Although the bill can be either vetoed or signed into law, California has made its position clear when it comes to consumer privacy. To stay on top of advancements in the privacy sector, follow our blog for up-to-date reporting.