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In the courtroom, at the conference table, and in the community, Scali Rasmussen (SR) continues its efforts to regularly keep clients and friends apprised of useful news, views and resources that can impact your business. Below are some highlights of our activities over the past year.

Client wins

  • In a multimillion dollar transaction, SR represented a major, automotive dealer group in its sale to an international dealer group
  • SR is representing a large group of BMW motorcycle dealers in protests challenging BMW’s unilateral changes to its dealer contract
  • SR prevailed on a motion to compel arbitration in an employment case where the agreement was alleged to be procedurally and substantively unconscionable
  • In another employment matter, SR succeeded on demurrer arguing that a statute of limitations cause was not intended to revive a pre-COVID-19 cause of action that could have been brought within statute of limitations
  • In a dealership’s bad faith claim against its insurance carrier following the insurer’s refusal to pay a claim arising from a devastating fire loss, SR successfully opposed the insurer’s motion for summary judgment and the matter was ordered to trial on all counts; additionally, SR further prevailed against the insurer’s multiple efforts to get the court to change is ruling and instead dismiss the dealer’s request for punitive damages against the insurer for its bad faith conduct

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