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Get ready to say goodbye to waiver of consumer class actions

A return to the dark ages; compliance is critical

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Dealers should get ready for the return of the days of consumer class actions seeking rescission of four years worth of deal files. A drastic change in the law may revive these killer class actions in mid-2017. Here, at the Scali Law Firm, we've been advocating corporate compliance and ethics programs due, in part, to this impending change, so that dealers can limit their liability before the change goes into effect.

Accommodation once removed

A court’s expanded approach to an employer’s duty to accommodate a disabiity

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There's loads of instructional case authority interpreting employer obligations to reasonably accommodate disabilities under the Fair Employment and Housing Act ("FEHA") and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). But there's little pertaining to associational disability discrimination (yeah, it's a thing—discrimination against a person based on that person's association or relationship with someone who has a disability). Until now.

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Customer information is often one of the many assets transferred in the sale of a dealership. Customer information is subject to privacy, solicitation, and data security laws regulating its disclosure and use. This article provides a basic overview of some of the main privacy concerns that a selling dealer faces when transferring customer information.

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Lawsuits arising from motor vehicle collisions often include a claim against the owner of the vehicle because California law permits an award of damages against the vehicle owner for the negligence of a permissive user. For dealers operating their own vehicle rental operation the potential liability, as well as the cost of defending the lawsuit, is a significant burden. Our firm has successfully used a provision of federal law, commonly known as the Graves Amendment, to convince plaintiff’s lawyers not to file suit against our rental company clients, or to defeat the vicarious liability claim on summary judgment.

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With all the recent publicity surrounding increases in state and local minimum wage requirements and concern about how those increases could affect auto dealers, recent changes to another set of employee compensation rules have received substantially less attention. The U.S Department of Labor has made changes to its regulations that will more than double minimum salary requirements for while collar workers, which warrants proactive planning on the part of dealers and businesses in general.

Auto dealer attorney Christian Scali comments on Paul Walker Porsche law suit

Judge dismisses suit against Porsche in crash that killed actor Paul Walker

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The argument that a vehicle malfunction, and not excessive speed, led to the 2013 crash that claimed the life of “The Fast and the Furious” star Paul Walker was dealt a blow when a judge dismissed one of three wrongful-death suits filed against Porsche, court records show. This article, by James Queally, originally published in the Los Angeles Times, includes commentary by The Scali Law Firm founding member, Christian Scali.