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New edition of “time of hire pamphlet” has been issued for new hires

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As of February 1, 2024, the California Department of Industrial Relations issued a new Time of Hire Notice that is to be provided to all newly hired employees in the State of California. This notice applies to all industrial injuries occurring on or after January 1, 2013, and provides employees information regarding: benefits available through the workers’ compensation system, instruction on what to do in the event of an industrial injury, anti-discrimination provisions related to workplace injuries, and contact details for further information. This updated notice should immediately replace the prior Time of Hire pamphlet that was issued in 2014.

Also, note two other recent updated notices to be provided to California employees: 1) the Labor Code Section 2810.5 Notice to Employee form, which was updated November 2023, is to be provided to non-exempt employees upon hire. This Notice specifies the employee’s pay rate, workers’ compensation policy information, the employer’s corporate information, and applicable paid sick leave benefits, among other things. It is available through the Department of Industrial Relations website, here, and 2) the EDD’s For Your Benefit pamphlet (form DE 2320, which was updated January 2024) should be provided to employees at the time of hire and termination. This notice provides information on the benefits that may be available to employees who are not working due to the end of employment or certain leaves of absence. It is available through the Employment Development Department’s website here.

Employers should have competent legal counsel regularly review their new hire notices, agreements, policies and forms for updates and to ensure compliance.