Adopt-A-Family assistance update

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Ricky Hernandez, Docketing Coordinator, (while wearing PPE) collected items donated by Scali Rasmussen employees to two families on May 02, 2020. The items consisted of cleaning supplies, gift cards, non-perishable items and board games among other things to which the families were incredibly thankful for. We maintain open lines of communication with our firm so we can be of assistance all year round, not just during Christmas. The two families from Adopt-A-Family were gracious and thankful for our effort to help out in whatever way we can.

One mother, who is currently the head of her household, informed us that she prepares and sells tamales of pork, chicken and shrimp. Ricky took home half a dozen and can attest that they are full of delicious flavor. We can’t wait to get our own!

We are proud of the Scali Rasmussen family for their generosity.