Scali Rasmussen's COVID-19 Task Force Available 24/7

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Scali Rasmussen has established a COVID-19 Task Force to monitor and respond to the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”). The task force consists of an interdisciplinary group of the firm’s attorneys with decades of experience serving clients in times of crisis and uncertainty.

COVID-19 is impacting businesses in unprecedented ways. Every business is facing its own unique challenges in the face of the uncertainties surrounding this pandemic, and the automotive and allied industries are absolutely no exception. Christian Scali, Managing Partner, said, “With the COVID-19 pandemic developing into the most serious and disruptive threat to individuals and businesses in memory, our clients, and all businesses, are searching for and need reliable and actionable counsel in virtually every aspect of their operations.”

The task force includes our most experienced attorneys from all relevant areas, from labor and employment to regulatory compliance to OEM relations and franchise disputes, to litigation, together with DMV, finance and insurance, corporate, real estate, lender relations and work outs, and cybersecurity and data privacy. Halbert Rasmussen, co-chair of the firm’s Automotive Practice, said “The pervasive effects of the pandemic and its economic fallout will touch every area of life, including the lives of dealers and other businesses. We are fortunate to have members on the task force with deep expertise in virtually all areas that may be impacted.”

Attorneys on the task force are ready to identify, analyze, and respond to all relevant issues, regardless of the area or areas of law involved, including federal, state and local emergency orders and legislation. They are well aware of the need for, and are equipped to handle COVID-19 assistance on an urgent basis, 24/7.

The Scali Rasmussen COVID-19 task force has developed guidance that addresses common questions in areas of labor and employment, compliance with and analysis of shelter in place and similar orders, emergency orders and legislation, like the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and franchise relations during the pandemic and after its fallout subsides. We will continue to monitor this significant threat and provide additional guidance for the resulting legal ramifications as the situation evolves. Stay safe and stay healthy!