The Scali Law Firm authors the CNCDA’s 2015 Advertising Manual (2nd ed.)

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The Scali Law Firm is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the California New Car Dealers Association to draft its 2015 Advertising Manual for dealers. With its first new edition in over 8 years, the CNCDA’s Advertising Manual has been given a complete overhaul. This new edition contains easy to read rule sets, examples, best practice notes and FAQs. The manual has been organized by media type so you can easily thumb to the section applicable to the medium in which you want to advertise for examples and commentary on best practices. We worked with association associate member, Force Marketing, to develop the manual’s informative examples.

Dealership advertising and the way in which customers shop has advanced light years from how it was done when the original Advertising Manual was drafted. This new edition incorporates compliance best practices for all modes of advertising, with a substantial focus on mobile, digital, text-based and Internet advertising. While the NADA recently published its federal advertising guide, limited to best practices to comply with federal law, the CNCDA’s Advertising Manual is a must for California dealers seeking to adopt compliant advertising strategies under both state and federal law. CNCDA members are invited to join the firm’s principal, Christian J. Scali, at one of the CNCDA’s upcoming Advertising Compliance 101 In the Digital Age seminars in April and May to learn compliance best practices for advertising in a digital age in California and pick up a copy of the new edition of the Advertising Manual. If your dealership is not a member, we hope you will consider joining the association and attending one of these very informative seminars: